SmartBox Pro

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The SmartBox Pro is a high-performance, multi-functional instrument used for signal acquisition, experiment control, and probe diagnostics. The SmartBox Pro is plug-and-play compatible with all NeuroNexus probes – an important timesaving feature as probes become more complex, and channel counts increase. This integration between the SmartBox Pro and NeuroNexus probes means we can provide a fully configured system with high-end performance and features at a comparatively low price. The Smartbox Pro is an upgrade of the existing SmartBox.

  • Powerful – record up to 512 channels simultaneously at a sample rate of 30 kHz
  • Portable – Take your recording system and laptop with you and record from anywhere
  • Seamless Probe Integration – Obtain new insight into your experiment with real-time spatial estimates of spike locations
  • Impedance Spectroscopy up to 10 kHz
  • Three-terminal potentiostat and galvanostat for cyclic voltammetry, site conditioning, and electroplating
  • Flexible Post-processing – Raw data is streamed to disk for maximum options in post-processing. Read data into MATLAB or export to other programs for analysis.
  • Connect to peripherals – A total of 8 I/O connections (4 analog, 4 digital) enable signal synchronization with digital and analog peripherals.
  • Ready to go – USB 3.0 plug-and-play with Windows, Mac, and Linux

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