Publications List

Here is a handful of open-access publications using NeuroNexus CM-series probes.

Chi, V.N., et al. Hippocampal Respiration-Driven Rhythm Distinct from Theta Oscillations in Awake Mice. J Neurosci (2016) 36(1):162-177.

Han, S. and Youn, I. Linear Feature Projection-Based Sensory Event Detection from the Multiunit Activity of Dorsal Root Ganglion Recordings. Sensors 2018, 18, 1002.

Liu et al., Parallel Processing of Sound Dynamics across Mouse Auditory Cortex via Spatially Patterned Thalamic Inputs and Distinct Areal Intracortical Circuits. 2019 Cell Reports 27, 872–885.

Okun, M., Steinmetz, N.A., Lak, A., Dervinis, M., Harris, K.D. Distinct Structure of Cortical Population Activity on Fast and Infraslow Timescales. Cerebral Cortex, May 2019;29: 2196–2210.

Schob, C. et al. Cognitive impairment and autistic-like behavior in SAPAP4-deficient mice. Translational Psychiatry (2019)9:7