Can I use a CM-series probe in an acute experiment?

Yes! This small and lightweight connector package is well suited to chronic implantation, but these probes utilize the same silicon microelectrode technology that is re-used again and again through repeated acute experiments. We recommend supporting your probe using the IST-CM manual insertion tool kit, which securely holds the probe by its connector and enables manipulation using a standard stereotaxic arm.

What does the ‘LP’ in CM16LP stand for?

The letters stand for “low profile” and correspond to a more recent version of the CM16 connector package that is overall smaller on the back end of the probe. The functionality is exactly the same.

Does this probe match my headstage?

The CM16LP probe connector is the same as an Omnetics NPD18. There are 16 electrode channels, one reference pin and one ground pin.

This mates directly with

NeuroNexus Chronic SmartLink16

16-channel Intan RHD2132

Neuralynx HS-16

16-channel TBSI headstages

And others.

The CM32 probe connector is the same as an Omnetics NPD36. There are 32 electrode channels, two reference pins and two ground pins.

This mates directly with

NeuroNexus Chronic SmartLink32

32-channel Intan RHD2132

32-channel Blackrock Cereplex-m

Ripple Grapevine Nano

And others.

If your headstage is not listed here, contact sales@neuronexus.com to confirm your connection or a useful adapter.

I have a 32-channel headstage. Can I use a CM16LP probe?

Yes! Simply add the Adpt.OM16-OM32 adapter to your cart with your probes and you’ll be good to go.